Think (verb)

  1. to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc.
  2. to employ one's mind rationally and objectively in evaluating or dealing with a given situation
  3. to call something to one's conscious mind
  4. to consider something as a possible action, choice, etc.
  5. to invent or conceive of something
  6. to have or form in the mind as an idea, conception, etc.
  7. to consider for evaluation or for possible action upon
  8. to analyze or evolve rationally
  9. to have as a plan or intention

-ling1 (suffix)

  1. a person or thing belonging to or associated with the group, activity, or quality specified: nestling, underling, hireling
  2. used as a diminutive: princeling, gosling, changeling

-ling2 (suffix)

  1. in a specified condition, manner, or direction: darkling, sideling